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Instagram Fail

Why do people assume when you're an Artist you are automatically a Designer? Today I painted ALL day! It was fantastic. I listened to music and just painted.... in my own little world. Then I thought... hmmmm.... let me take pics of my artwork like all those Instagram...

Traveling Paint Parties

Traveling Paint Parties from the Wanderlust Artist….  3000 miles 200 Paint Brushes 100 Pieces of wood 22 Skinny Vanilla Latte’s  13 days  9 Springs 4 Paint Parties 2 Butterbeers  1 Sweet Road trip buddy AKA Pixie….                                    …. and a partridge...

Easy – 5 Clever Tips for Creating Murals!

I always learn something new when I do paint parties and mural projects so I wanted to share a few things that will help you on your next mural project! 1.  Always bring a level!  The GIANT eagle took me about 5 minutes to draw with white paint.   The writing......

Space Camp Drop Off

Space Camp Drop Off  It all started when Pixie found her daddy’s Space Camp suit from when he went to Space camp almost 30 years ago!  Wearing it to a Nerds VS. Jocks day at school… and then not taking it off for several weeks.    So on Feb 14th, Pixie received a...

I didn’t like my baby

Yes, I said it.... I didn’t like my baby. But before you get all crazy... read the whole story. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Happy birthday to my sweet 12 year old! I can’t believe Pixie is about to be a teenager! It seems like yesterday she was crying non-stop as a colicky baby... who I...


Wanderlust means a strong desire to travel.  I’m pretty sure someone made that word up for me.   Most of my days are spent thinking of my next painting adventure or a place my family can go explore.   We are always up for some fun and the Junk-O-Rama Prom, hosted by...